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Youth Graduation Update
We have exciting new updates for how students will be taking their next step towards becoming a Black Belt. These steps will help build student’s excitement and discipline throughout the rotation.




Students must have 12 classes completed by graduation. Black Belts train on a regular basis. Good attendance is a necessity to ensure that your child is learning the material that is being covered in class. It sets them up for future success when the material gets more advanced. If you miss a class, be sure to talk to the front desk to schedule your make up class. Students will earn a purple attendance stripe every 6 classes.



During week six of our eight-week graduation rotation, your student will be evaluated by the instructors. You will notice the instructors taking notes during class time, and belt recommendations will be made off of those in class evaluations. Your student won’t be asked to demonstrate any material individually. The expectation is that every student will graduate. Every student’s path to becoming a Black Belt is unique and we want to ensure your student is being moved at the appropriate pace. Students will receive a blue stripe for completing their evaluation.


Moving from Junior Knights (yellow with stripes) to Gup Ranks (solid belts)


If your student is up for a challenge and wants to try for a gup rank, they absolutely can do that by demonstrating to the instructor that they are proficient in the material required. This may be a separate evaluation that is different from the in-class instructor evaluations mentioned above. This type of evaluation is considered a Pass/Fail evaluation. If your student does not pass this optional evaluation, they are still eligible for their next Junior Knight rank. They earn bronze stripes for knowing their forms and orange stripes for one steps.


Acts of Kindness and Discipline


This worksheet has always been a requirement. Starting in 2024, students will need to have this finished by week six to be eligible for graduation. When your student’s worksheet is complete, turn it in and they will receive their red and green stripes. For December, students who complete their Acts of Kindness and Discipline by the end of Evaluation week will earn special award at Graduation. Worksheets will be accepted through December 9th. Black Belts are diligent and complete acts of Kindness and Discipline on a regular basis. Practicing these life skills off of the mat is just as important as the skills they are learning on the mat.

A Black Belt is a White Belt That Never Quit.
These changes will help our students be more successful as they work their way towards becoming a Black Belt. We truly appreciate the support of our parents while we implement these new standards.

We still want every student to graduate each cycle. Please contact us if you are concerned your student will have difficulties!