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It’s Graduation Time!
Champion Squires graduate at 10 AM
Junior Knights Graduate at 11 AM.
Make sure you register! If you didn’t get a graduation notice in your email, please let us know



8/6 NWIMAA Cup is Sparring!!!

Flag sparring for the Champion Squries and Junior Knights.  For gup students we do full gear sparring.  If you are a white belt, yellow belt or orange belt, we will loan you gear to participate. 

9/17 NWIMAA Cup is Forms!! 

This is is a great way to show off your favorite forms!  And for our Champion Squires and Junior Knights, you can show off your favorite karate moves!

Win first, second or third place medals!  Plus you earn point just by showing up!  Make sure you earn at least 27 points to earn a prize for this year!


Parents Night Out!

8/13 from 4-8 PM

9/17 from 4-8 PM

Ninja Zone, dodge ball, free play, pizza, snacks and movie time for the kids! Peace and quiet at home for you!

$25 per student.  Spaces are limited! Sign up at the front desk!


Anti-Bully Seminars


We have two upcoming Anti-Bully Seminars. These seminars are FREE for students, family and friends to attend.

8/13 from 1-2 PM

9/17 from 10-11 AM

Even if you think you know these skills, come out for a refresher course and have the best school year ever!


Summer Picnic!


Our End of Summer Bash happens on Saturday, August 27th from Noon until 4-ish. We provide the burgers, hot dogs and chicken. You bring a small dish to pass (savory or sweet, your choice!). Come relax, eat, and hang with your favorite karate family! Plus the rumor mill is there will be a dunk tank for charity this year!!

Gup Testing in September


Gup Testing happens on Saturday, September 10th.

Beginner testing (White Belts and Yellow Belts) is at Noon.

7th Gup and above begins at 1:30 PM.

Advanced Cho Dan Bo testing will begin at 3:30 PM.

Make sure you are reviewing your intent to test forms NOW to make sure you are prepared for testing!



Midwest Extravaganza!


Our next Region 5 Tournament is the Midwest Extravaganza on Saturday, September 24th! 

This tournament will be held at the Chula Vista Resort in the Wisconsin Dells.  To reserve your spot at the resort for this event please use Reservation Number: (855) 457-1128.  Please refer to booking ID # i56852 when making a reservation.

Use this link to register for the event:  This is always a fantastic event!  If you are a tournament veteran, you know how great this is.  If you are new to tournaments, this is a great one to start with because even if the tournament doesn’t go your way, there is the water park!!

Put this on your calendar now!



Studio Closed Dates


We hate when we have to close our doors, but there are some times we just have to do it.  We are closed on the following dates:

Saturday, 8/20 for Dan Camp.  All instructors will be attending Dan Camp.

Saturday 9/3 & Monday 9/5 for Labor Day.  Everyone needs a break sometime!

Friday 9/23 & Saturday 9/24 for the Midwest Extravaganza.  All of our instructors will be at the Extrav, and so should you!



Don’t forget that the first Saturday of every month is Buddy Day at NWIMAA!  Bring your buddy to class that morning and you and your buddy can break a board!  Plus your buddy will get special opportunities for prizes at NWIMAA if they want to try out our program!