When it comes to their offspring, especially so with first born children, parents can go a little overboard when it comes to spending on birthday party supplies. They feel the need to make it bigger and better each year, so this makes it a near impossible job if you create a huge birthday party for their first ever one! Kids won’t really remember them for the first few years and there are ways to save a few pennies once they get older too. As long as they have their friends, family, cake and presents they will no doubt be happy so here are a few tips when organizing your next little ones birthday party:

First of all plan your invites. If your daughter is friends with a girl who has 8 brothers and sisters try to make it clear that they are not all invited, in the nicest possible way of course! Having siblings joining will up the spending and also be a nightmare if they all turn up when you are hosting the party in your house when pushed for space.

When it comes to entertaining children, the younger they are the easier it is. If you are having a party for your 4 year old there is no need in hiring an expensive entertainer or clown for a couple of hours. Simple games involving prizes and food will keep them happy. You can find a great range of fun games at “All You Need To Party” such as pin the tail on the donkey and for kids who are a bit older, piñatas, which will keep them occupied for a while. These come in all different shapes too so will fit a theme if you decide to have one.

When it comes to birthday cakes they have become so much more extravagant nowadays. Having a giant penguin or cupcakes stacked up the ceiling that resemble a zoo, is becoming more the norm even though it sounds out of the ordinary! There is nothing wrong with buying a really cool cake although I would wait until they are older so they can really appreciate it. There is also nothing wrong with a budget supermarket cake, or if you enjoy baking, why not try and make one yourself? Kids will be really excited to just see the cake being cut up so they can eat it anyway and forget very quickly what it actually looked like, especially if they don’t get to enjoy sweet treats too often.

Make sure to plan ahead, the key to having a successful and not over expensive party is to plan. Do it week’s, maybe even a month or so, in advance so you are well prepared, this will help to avoid last minute panic buys too. Make the most of the day, have fun and take lots of photos, the kids are sure to have a great time and you will enjoy seeing them all happy!