Summer Camp Schedule

Only 15 Spots Left for All Weeks

Leadership Session 1: Confidence

June 3-7 – Deep River County Park, Hobart

June 10-14 – Fair Oaks Farms, Fair Oaks

June 17-21 – Wolf Lake Aquatic Play Center, Hammond


Leadership Session 2: Respect

June 24-28 – Washington Park Zoo, Michigan City

July 1-5 – Central Park, Griffith (No Camp Thursday, July 4 – Independence Day)

No Camp July 8-12 – World Championships

July 15-19 – Wicker Park Splash Pad, Highland


Leadership Session 3: Humility

July 22-26 – Northgate Park, Dyer

July 29-August 2 – Shedd Aquarium, Chicago, IL

August 5-9 – Wolf Lake Aquatic Play Center, Hammond

Fieldtrip locations subject to change





Martial Arts Classes

All NWIMAA summer camps include 2 martial arts classes per day for a total of 10 martial arts classes per week! This amount of concentrated focus on the martial arts will translate into improved physical fitness and martial arts skill as well as confidence, discipline, and respect.


Leadership Training

Each day will include 15 minutes of leadership training! Campers will discuss different topics related to being a leader and practice their leadership skills with their peers.


Play Time

Each day will include time for supervised free and group play. Play allows the children to socialize and interact with their peers without the use of technology. NWIMAA has plenty of indoor and outdoor space for play.



Field Trips

Each week of summer camp includes a field trip. The field trips will include local parks, splash pads, museums, and more!


Sample Schedule

7:30-9am Drop-off (board games, coloring, reading time)

9:15-10am Martial Arts Class

10-10:15am Leadership Training

10:15-10:30am Snack

10:30-11am Group Building

11-11:30am Group Games

11:30-12pm Outside Play

12-12:30pm Lunch (bring your own, lunch provided on field trip days)

12:30-1pm Quiet Time

1-1:30pm Leadership Practice

1:30-2:15pm Martial Arts Class

2:30-3pm Group Games

3-3:30pm Nature Activity

3:30-4pm Outside Play

4-5:30pm Pick-up/Snack (board games, coloring, reading time)

Hear from past participants

My son built more social skills and confidence throughout the summer camp program.
Before he was a pretty shy boy, and didn’t like to interact with others too much.
After the camp he now is more confident and likes to make conversations with people
more comfortably. He now can make friends more easily.
– Yvonne (Mom)


My son was six years old when he first heard about the concept of “Black Belt Discipline” while attending Summer Camp at NWIMAA. When I asked him, he defined it as “being a good listener and doing a good job.” Then he quickly added “but only at karate!” Once I managed to convince him that Black Belt Discipline was applicable in other areas of life, he became more willing to do things that he did not like. For example, he became very cooperative at doctors and dentist appointments. Soon, he realized that he could also use this concept to scold his older sister when he thought that she was out of line: “Where is your Black Belt Discipline?!”
– Barbara (Mom)


The first summer that Mila attended NWIMAA’s Summer Leadership Academy, it was
only for a couple sparse weeks so she could go to splash pad field trips. She was really
nervous about me leaving her, and would ask for me to drop her off late and pick her up
early. But she got more and more comfortable, relaxing into the friendships she was
making and how fun it was to bond and adventure with this great group of kids. She
again was very anxious about being the center of attention when asked to lead
warmups and such during class, but worked her confidence up one day at a time and
now loves to show how her skills have grown. By the next summer she was super
excited and joined for 2 whole 3 week sessions. Her favorite parts were the group play
and field trips, she would even ask to stay as long as possible to keep socializing. She
was already pretty respectful of authority figures, but she learned a great deal about
respecting herself, as well as a diverse group of kids. She believes in her own abilities
more now, and knows that if she focuses on a goal and perseveres, she will reach it
Thanks for a great couple of summers and looking forward to another one!
– Jane (Mom)