Raising children is one of the most difficult and rewarding things a person will ever do. Being the parent of a child with ADHD can be overwhelming, but with some adjustments, a family can come together and make life easier for the child.

One of the problems children with ADHD face is bullying from others, especially at school. Even though ADHD is rather common among school-aged children, any child who is different faces the possibility of being singled out.


What parents can do to stop bullyingkids-on-track

When bullying occurs for any reason, whether due to a disability or simply because kids are still learning how to treat others, the best way to combat it is to be proactive. Parents should stay in contact with teachers and find out if there are any problems in the classroom.

Also, parents need to make it clear to their kids that if anyone picks on them, they can come to them and talk about it. Keeping dialogue open is the best way to earn a child’s trust.

The parents of bullies also have to be proactive. Generally, the first notification a parent may get about their child exhibiting bullying behavior should come from a teacher.

However, it’s possible to spot bullying behavior before being notified of it. If the child is withdrawn, sullen, acting aggressive or out of character, the parent may be able to discuss concerns with the child’s teacher and learn what he or she can do to help those involved.


Who is a bullying victim?

Bullying is a big problem in American schools, but awareness is being raised both in and out of the classroom to identify and understand bullying behavior.

Often, the victims are “different” from their peers; either they’re too smart or not smart enough, like “weird” hobbies or have a disability of some kind. Maybe they’re a different race than everyone else in class, or they have an unusual appearance. Sometimes, a child is bullied for no apparent reason at all.

Whatever the reason, many schools are taking a zero-tolerance stance on bullying, and with good reason. Bullying has led to older children and teenagers committing suicide, and it can make many aspects of a child’s life difficult.

Fortunately, schools and parents can work together to stop bullying behavior before it gets out of hand. Children do not have to like each other, but they should not be permitted to treat each other unkindly or with disrespect.