Why do some children shy away from participating in activities? It’s certainly not because they lack the ability to kick a ball or skills to raise their hand in class.

Shyness and a lack of self confidence force children onto the sidelines and away from the action.

Children who fail to participate in activities do not allow their skills to develop, further lowering their self-esteem and insecurity.

Yet we all want our children to become leaders. But how exactly can we get it done?

Few of us are natural born leaders; it is a skill that must be learned through experience. The essential key, then, is to give a child the opportunity to become a leader.

Helping around the house and volunteering in the community are some places to start. As they master tasks and chores, their responsibility will also grow.

Martial arts encourage children to overcome shyness, with the ultimate goal of becoming leaders. We motivate through praise and positive reinforcement. Children advance at through the ranks at their own pace.

Children are encouraged to work with fellow students of lower rank, helping them with technique. Before they know it, these children are leading some of the exercises and assisting in other classes.

Bit by bit, they are gaining confidence. Bit by bit, they are becoming leaders.

Children who are not encouraged to build this leadership skill lose out on this powerful opportunity.