How can I teach my child to have the self discipline to succeed?
The first thing we can do as parents is to be sure that our methods of discipline and control are promoting a feeling of self worth and self esteem in our child. Setting firm limits with your child is very important but using positive reinforcement that promotes the growth of a tendency toward self discipline in your child will go much further than sending negative punitive messages.
For example, instead of criticizing your child for their failure to complete a chore to your satisfaction, take the time to work with them to complete it properly and reward them for their effort by giving them trust and praise. Martial arts instructors are well practiced in this kind of step by step work toward success method of teaching.
Children learn through example. Teaching your child to develop the skills for self discipline is easiest through the use of consistent positive reinforcement. We demonstrate this reinforcement as parents by striving to set an example for our children.
Martial arts training programs are designed to help support your efforts in positive reinforcement and help your child continue to build on their growing self discipline to establish a solid motivational base. You child will learn that discipline and effort pay off in a feeling of accomplishment with every new success.