Black Friday Offer

Is it time to restart your Black Belt journey?


All of us want to achieve, whether it is personal achievement, or achievement for our children. Earning a Black Belt teaches everyone that all goals are reachable. Students who earn black belts are more accomplished in all aspects of their lives.

No Martial Arts instructor has ever heard these words: “Sir! Earning my Black Belt was hard. You had to kick my butt a few times to get me into gear! You had to teach me how to set goals and accomplish them! You taught me how to be my best! I am so ANGRY that you taught me all that!”

The words we do hear? “Sir, I wish I would have kept going and earned my black belt.”  Maybe now is the time to restart your journey.

Here is what we are doing to make the decision easy for you.

First, you can train 2 times per week for the entire month of January!!  

Second, we will provide you with our new student starter kit.  This includes:

  • A new uniform. Nothing like a crisp, new uniform to restart your journey!
  • Our curriculum guide, detailing all of our basic curriculum.
  • Our student manual that talks about all how everything works at the Academy and highlighting our improvements since you were last here.
  • A target pad to train at home!
  • A cool cinch backpack to hold all of your gear!

Third, you will get a 15 minute private lesson to get reacclimated to class!  We can do this 15 minute lesson right before your first class back. 

Finally, if you decide that you want to continue your Journey to Black Belt after your training in January is complete, we will waive our registration fee entirely!


The price for all of this is only $149!


Offer Expires on November 19th!

Use this link to reserve your Black Friday special before they are all gone!


Once you register, our staff will be in contact to schedule your first class and to arrange a time for you to pick up the registration package!  The package makes a GREAT gift to put under the tree!