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Sunburn treatment and prevention for kids

Sunburn spares no one. Every person, from infants to the elderly, is at risk of sustaining sun damage and burns every time there is sun exposure. However, those individuals with the most sensitive skin, such as children are typically at higher risk than adults. Learn about the most effective sunburn…Read More

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6 reasons kids don’t stop bullying situations

Youth bullying is a major issue facing our children and the lack of action by other kids to step in and stop bullying only compounds the situation. But before you write off this inaction as a “Not my problem” mentality, take a look at the six reasons researchers discovered that…Read More

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Debunking the popularity myth

Awareness of bullying has dramatically increased in America over the last few years. There are many stories in the news about the disastrous consequences that sometimes take place. However, many people who are not around the bullying on a regular basis fail to see the reason that it may be…Read More

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Do your kids know about stranger danger?

Children can be very trusting of others, an issue that can lead to serious problems if a stranger’s intent is malicious. While many strangers are nice, a child needs to learn to recognize a situation to avoid stranger danger from those who aren’t trustworthy. A parent can help a youngster…Read More

child safety, family safety

Weapons in schools compromise everyones safety

It seems as if every day on the news there are new reports of weapons in schools. When this happens, students, teachers and staff are all put at risk, due to the unpredictable circumstances that can take place. However, it is important to evaluate why these students are bringing weapons…Read More

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Fun exercises for kids

With so much digital stimulation available today such as video games, tablets and the like, instant gratification has become the most important consideration for a child to deem an activity as fun. But whatever happened to good, old-fashioned play time? Many kids end up sitting on the sofa with a…Read More

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One city’s fight to criminalize bullying

Carson City California is working to pass an ordinance making the act of picking on others a crime. This is just the latest in a trend over the last few years to pass legislation aimed at putting a stop to bullying, including a similar ordinance that was passed in a…Read More

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Childhood nutrition facts

Did you know that the amount of nutrients kids need to grow changes as they get older? Take a look at the childhood nutrition facts below to learn how much each food group your child needs.   Kids age 2-3 Calories  1,000-1,400 Protein  2-4 ounces Fruit  1-1.5 cups Vegetables  1-1.5…Read More

bullying, discipline

How Parents Can Help Stop Bullying

Bullying is not new, nor does in occur sporadically. According to the 2011 Youth Risk Behavior Surveillance System, 20 percent of students in grades 9–12 experienced bullying. In any social setting where children gather routinely, vying for power and acceptance can occur, which can create an uncomfortable environment.   Motivators…Read More

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Teaching Kids Responsibility

Parents want to help their kids be successful, but often fear they’ll teach them the wrong things, or teach them in the wrong way. Luckily, responsibility is something that can be taught by example and explanation as much as by enforcement of rules.   Learning Responsibility by Example Parents are…Read More

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