Introducing NWIMAA E-Learning Academy!

Is your student participating in e-learning, but you aren’t sure how to manage their day?  We might have a solution for you!

Many schools today are starting the school year with e-learning solutions.   These e-learning solutions often require a bit of management from parents, especially for younger children.  This puts a strain on working families.  How are you supposed to work while also helping your children learn?

Northwest Indiana Martial Arts Academy has decided to offer our E-Learning Academy!  We are going to provide a safe place for your student to learn, while also providing the help and support your student will need for success.

Take a look at a short video walk through of our Academy to see where your students will be learning:

Here is how the program will work:

  1. We have socially distanced space for 20 students.  Students will have tables and chairs for workstations.
  2. Students will need to bring their own e-learning devices (computer, tablet, chrome book, etc)
  3. We will give students wi-fi access for all e-learning needs.
  4. Students must bring headphones to make video conferences easier to manage. 
  5. Students should bring any additional learning materials (pencils, paper, etc) 
  6. There will be two adults available at all times to assist students as necessary
  7. Students will bring their own lunches and snacks.  Students may bring a refillable water bottle that we can fill using the filtered water from our kitchen sink.
  8. When students have breaks during their schedule (as designed by the specific e-learning curriculum), students will be able to use the mat or outside space for free play.
  9. Once e-learning sessions are complete, we will have afternoon martial arts classes (like we do for Summer Camp).  
  10. The tuition for this program will replace your regular karate tuition.


  • Master Adam Theros – Owner and Chief Instructor.  BS Mechanical Engineering with 18 years industry experience
  • Mr. Zachary Mashburn – Head Instructor.  BS Meteorology and Mathematics
  • Ms. Emily Yothers – Director of After School and Summer Camp Programs. Bachelors of Music Education with 3 years elementary teaching experience


  • Single Day price: $65 per day
  • Full week price: $275 per week
  • Full month pricing (4 weeks): $250 per week, minimum 4 weeks.
  • Additional weeks after the first 4: $250 per week

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How early can I drop off? – We are targeting 8 AM.  However, we know that some of you have to work earlier hours.  Please contact us to make arrangements for an earlier drop off time if necessary
  • How late can I pick up? – Your student can stay as late as 6:30 PM.
  • Will you provide laptops or chromebooks? – No.  Your student will need to provide all e-learning materials.  We will provide all of the wi-fi necessary, tables, chairs and all of the help they will need to be successful.
  • Do you have to be a member at NWIMAA to participate? – Absolutely not!  Any student is welcome to participate!  If you are not a member, you will receive a complimentary karate uniform before your first class!