2020 Holiday Sale
The Holiday Sale is Saturday, November 14th from Noon to 4 PM!  This is the ONE TIME that we put items on sale.  All of the sale pages are listed below.  If you have any questions, stop by the front desk!



Equipment Packages

Looking to train at home?  Need sparring gear?  Check out the Equipment Packages we are offering!

Equipment Package



Are you a Black Belt Champion that needs equipment for all of our rotations?  Have you outgrown your old equipment?  Are you looking for something new?  Check out the Weapons Packages!

Weapons Packages


Stock Up!


Looking for private lessons with your favorite instructor?  Need a new uniform (or two or three)?  Looking to give the gift of karate this holiday season?  Check out our Stock Up page!

Stock Up


Ultimate At Home Training Package


Do you want to build the Ultimate at Home Training Package?  We have ONE Ultimate Home Training Package available!  Check it out and see if it’s what you want!  Remember, it’s first come, first served for the Holiday Sale!!!

Ultimate Package

Holiday Camp Sale!


With how Christmas falls this year, there are two Holiday Camps we are offering.

Camp 1 is December 21, 22 and 23.

Camp 2 is December 28, 29 and 30.  

Each week is on sale for only $99 per week!  That’s only $33 per day for an all day camp!  There will be games, crafts, movies, play time plus Martial Arts Classes!  There are only 15 spots available for each week.  After the Holiday Sale, the camp will go up in price to $139, so reserve your spot now!

Holiday Camps


Birthday Parties!


Do you want an awesome Birthday Party in 2021?  Now is the time to schedule your birthday party and save 25%!! We have limited times available for birthday parties.  Reserve your date at the holiday sale!

Birthday Party

Summer Camp!


I know.  We are talking Summer Camp at the Holiday Sale.  Now is the time to save 20% on Summer Camp for 2021!  Our camps are tons of fun and the students LOVE them!  Give your student a fantastic summer experience!

Summer Camp Sale


Black Belt Champion


Have you thought about upgrading to Black Belt Champion? Now might be the right time!  If you are full orange and above, you are welcome to make the decision to upgrade to Black Belt Champion!  If you aren’t quite at that rank yet, talk to one of our instructors.  We will let you know if you or your student is displaying the proper Black Belt focus and attitude to be part of our Black Belt Champion program!  If you upgrade at the Holiday Sale, we will provide your first Black Belt Champion uniform for FREE!

Black Belt Champion Upgrade

Tuition Savings!


The Holiday Sale is the ONLY time we put our tuition on sale.  If you purchase 12 months of our Basic Level 2, Level 3 or Black Belt Champion programs, you will receive a 20% discount (if paying with cash) or a 15% discount (if paying with a credit card). 

We only offer 10 of these Paid in Full discounts.  They are only on sale from Noon to 4 PM on November 14th!  It’s first come, first served, so be ready at Noon to claim your spot!

Paid in Full Tuition


Were you hoping for something but didn’t see it above? You can still order absolutely anything from the Century Catalog or any of our NWIMAA SWAG as well! Feel free to stop by the front desk to find that special something!