Hello NWIMAA Families,


This communication is to update you on our COVID-19 procedures.  On March 31st, 2021, Governor Holcomb issued Executive Order 21-09. Within this order, the primary element of concern for NWIMAA is that starting on April 6th, the Governor has lifted the statewide mask mandate.  He is leaving mask policy up to individual businesses.

I have spent many hours reviewing COVID data.  The State has done a very good job keeping their COVID site updated (https://www.coronavirus.in.gov/).  There are a few key takeaways from my analysis:

  1. Throughout the course of the pandemic, over 90% of all COVID related deaths in the State of Indiana have been with people who are 60+ years old. This percentage is consistent for Lake County as well.
  2. Since the pandemic began, there are 0 reported deaths in Lake county for people aged 0-19 years old.
  3. State wide, fewer than 1% of the total deaths fall within ages 0-39 years old.
  4. Since the high point of daily deaths in late December 2020 and early January 2021, the number of daily deaths has plummeted to numbers not seen since the last week of March 2020. The numbers are continuing to decline.
  5. Executive Order 21-09 states that 70% of all Hoosiers 65 years and older have received the vaccine.

Based on this information, Northwest Indiana Martial Arts Academy has decided to update our mask policy.

Beginning with all classes on Monday, April 12th, the new NWIMAA mask policy will be as follows:

  1. For all classes, masks will be optional for all students.
  2. Any student may continue to wear masks during all or part of any class.
  3. Any student may bring any concerns up to our instructors or staff members at any time. We will do our best to position you in class to maximize your comfort level.
  4. Instructors and Assistant Instructors who are 20+ years old will continue to wear masks until they are no longer at any risk of student infection (vaccine or other antibody evidence).
  5. Instructors and Assistant Instructors who are under 20 years old will no longer be required to wear masks during class.
  6. We are asking all spectators who are 20+ years old to continue wearing masks at this time, unless you are vaccinated.
    1. We are NOT going to require any proof of vaccination. We will trust you to follow our spectator guidelines.
  7. Spectators who are 0-19 years old are not required to wear masks.

While we are taking these steps in a return to “normalcy”, we are asking that you still remember the following:

  • We are still trying to minimize the number of spectators in class. Please do not bring multiple family members into the studio as much as possible.
  • If your student is a little “under the weather,” please err on the side of caution and do NOT bring your student to class. Even if it is just a little cold, everyone will feel more comfortable if you just take a night off.
    • Students who arrive to the studio that appear sick may be asked to not take class. NWIMAA instructors and staff reserve the right to ask any student or family to leave the studio. (please note that we have not had to do this even ONCE, so thank you NWIMAA families! Do not make us have to start now)
  • Spectators who are also feeling “under the weather,” please drop your student off and wait in your vehicle for the end of class.
  • We will continue to have plenty of hand sanitizer around the studio. Students on the mat will be asked to sanitize their hands, if necessary.  For larger cleaning requirements, we may ask a student to use our bathrooms to wash hands.

I believe strongly that we are in the final stretch of this pandemic.  We might see a slight rise in positive cases, but that doesn’t really matter if the death counts continue to fall. I could not be prouder of our NWIMAA family.  You have made our Academy a wonderful place to be during these stressful times.  You have managed your health.  You have been respectful of others.  You have stayed away when necessary and been awesome while in class.  I am confident that you will continue to act this way as we slowly return to normal.

Thank you for continuing to help us keep our community safe and healthy, while also making Northwest Indiana Martial Arts Academy THE place to be during these times!



Master Theros and The NWIMAA Staff