The next Graduation and Testing is Saturday, February 15th

Don’t forget to wear your white uniform!

The next Advanced Cho Dan Bo Test is Saturday, March 7th

Here is the Graduation and Testing Calendar for 2020


2020Graduation and Testing Calendar



Important Testing Information

If you are 7th Gup through 1st Gup (that is half orange/half green through half red/half blue), you are in our gup testing cycle.  There are some key requirements:

  1. You MUST complete 24 classes before you are eligible to test.   We require these classes to be completed one week BEFORE the scheduled test.  This is to ensure you are not trying to cram everything in during testing week.
  2. You MUST submit your Intent to Test Form one week BEFORE the scheduled test.  You can download and print your form below:

    Intermediate I Intent To Test Form (7th – 5th Gup, Half Orange/Half Green thru Half Green/Half Brown)

    Intermediate II Intent To Test Form (4th – 2nd Gup, Brown thru Red)

    Cho Dan Bo Intent To Test Form (1st Gup, Half Red/Half Blue)

    Advanced Cho Dan Bo Intent To Test Form (Cho Dan Bo, Blue)

  3. You MUST pass an evaluation before you will be allowed to test.  When you submit your Intent to Test form, you should be prepared to be evaluated on the spot (we might not evaluate you immediately, but you should be ready for it).
  4. You MUST register for your test.  If we anticipate you will enough classes to test during the next testing cycle, you will receive an e-mail from us with a link to register on-line.  If you believe you should be testing but you have not received an e-mail from us, please stop by the front desk to ask.  We are not perfect, as hard as we try, we might have missed you.
  5. Complete your written test.  This is a take home test.  Feel free to use your gup manual! You will not be allowed to test if your written test is not complete prior to testing time. If you fail the written test, you will need to retest both the physical and written test next cycle.  Select the test based on the rank for which you are testing.
    6th Gup (Green Belt)
    5th Gup (Green/Brown Belt)
    4th Gup (Brown Belt)
    3rd Gup (Brown/Red Belt)
    2nd Gup (Red Belt)
    1st Gup (Red/Blue Belt)
    Cho Dan Bo (Blue Belt)
  6. Remember to bring:
    1. Your white dobahk.  This is a formal event.  Your dobahk should have appropriate trim and patches.  Please do not wear your Black Belt Champion uniform.  If you wear the wrong or improperly trimmed uniform, you might not be allowed to test.
    2. Your sparring gear.  You will need it for testing.  Failure to bring your sparring gear will cause you to fail the sparring portion of the test.
    3. Your staff, if you have selected Bong Hyung Il Bu or E Bu as one of the forms you will be performing.